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General Drum Motors
General Drum Motors
General Drum Motors

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General Drum Motors

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Industry Group:Bulk Materials Handling
Product Category:Industrial Applications
Product Application:

Drum Motors

The electric motor and reduction gear are situated inside the drum-shell. The drum motor is fully enclosed which protects it from outside influences.

The design of the individual components guarantee a long life, even in the most enduring operating conditions. Modern production methods also guarantee low noise level, running at high efficiency.

As standard, motorized drums are not supplied with rubber or other coverings. If required, we can provide rubber or ceramic coating.

Driving motors

In standard cases, the motors are three phase induction motors with special squirrel cage rotor, offering the drive the highest breakaway torque.

Special Applications

Drives are available for a variety of non-standard applications, including:

  • Self-cleaning brush drives
  • Grooved drives for positive tracking of belts
  • Stainless steel construction
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