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DETEC VF-Series Drop-through Metal Detectors
Offering major benefits in performance, the VF range of drop through or gravity fed metal detectors are ideal wherever common packaging materials such as aluminium foil, metalized film are used or, simply where space is a major factor.

Vertical packaging lines present challenges to metal detector manufacturers or suppliers, in the form of limited installation space, proximity of metal support structures, moving weigh hoppers or discharge chutes etc, including a degree of engineering problems that commonly exist in the installation. This is where the VF units have the advantage of ignoring most of these problems.

Drop-through metal detectors are commonly used on Form Fill & Seal machines and mounted just
above the forming tube, or other applications for gravity fed, free flowing powders, pipeline, liquid or granular materials.

For pipeline applications, these units can be mounted in any position with the ability to
operate with hot or cold products travelling at high speeds.

The VF metal detectors greatly benefit from its unique RF Electromagnetic field suppression system, that enables the units to perform highly in the most restricted of spaces, whilst operating in close proximity to fixed or moving metal structures.

The VF range of detectors have an extremely low metal free zone of approximately 40mm each side of the detector coils, and as a standard, they are fitted with remote mounted controls up to 10 meters away for ease of operation.

Detector Head weight:
Detection Sensitivity at Phase Out:
Metal Free Zones:
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